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4 Best Linux Command Line Books

Almost every geek is fascinated to Linux's complex beauty, security and flexibility but if you are a non-linux user or a beginner it is going to be headache to even extract a zip file and install a program using terminal. So if you want to learn Linux then I would strongly recommend you to read Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Books, eBooks or PDFs to enhance your skills from scratch.

Linux Command Line

Best Books to learn Linux Command Line

Linux is all about commands and codes without it, its nothing but surely it has been introducing nice looking GUIs since its dawn yet most of the task are done through terminal. And its nothing difficult once you begin doing it yourself, all you need is good resources and Linux PDF eBooks are said to be an excellent sources of learning quickly and easily.

The Linux Command Line: A Complete Introduction

One of the best Linux book featuring complete introduction of command lines from basic file navigation to advance topics such as writing programs in Bash. It feeds you very practical examples and explains everything with in-depth tutorial. The initial part serves as an introduction and teaches fundamental lessons like manipulating files and directories, package installation, keyboard tricks etc and then it takes you to advance level of networking, package management, redirection, editing with Vi and compiling programs. You will also learn to automate boring tasks using Shell Scripting. It is very beginner friendly with easy digestible chapters and lots of illustrations as well.

Learn Linux FAST: Including All Essential Command Lines (Linux for Beginners)

If you are an absolute beginner and want to learn from very basic then this book is for you. It's a very helpful short read for newbies because its primary concern is mastering your base by teaching you important Command Lines and Tools. It teaches with step-by-step tutorials and unfolds some amazing tips and tricks, However it also contains loads of guides on Installation and getting started along with brief introduction of Linux distro, And after that it gives some serious practical lessons on Installing Softwares, Redirection and File Editing commands and wildcards too.

Linux Pocket Guide: Essential Commands

This is the best book for Linux commands because it contains hundreds of commands with clear explanation and tutorials on topics such as Programming with Shell Scripts, Media, Text manipulation and pipelines, User management, controlling process and all other important commands which makes you a power user. Whether you are a novice, expert or a daily user you should always have it in your pocket for a quick reference guide. I personally suggest this book to everyone as it is capable of making you Linux ninja.

Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible

Do you want to become expert at Command Line and Shell Scripting? then is what you need. This is a all in one Linux book covering wide range of lessons on Shell Scripting and Command Line fundamentals. It will actually teach you how to directly communicate with your computer using codes giving you more capability and time. The major part of the book is filled with immense guide on Creating Practical Scripts, Understanding and Creating Shell. You will learn to write simple script utilities to automate task, Dash and Bash Shell and Work with like nano, KDE and GNOME editors. It also features one of the largest list of Linux commands cheat sheet.