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Hackw0rm is an Ethical Hacking and Pentesting blog created by Vivek Yadav in the fall of 2014. Originally it was created just out of sheer curiosity but soon it turned out to be an eye-catching blog which attracted readers from all over countries. Hackw0rm is not just a blog but a place of inspiration, guide and latest information related to InfoSec, However my primary motto had been to help beginners in ethical hacking field.

You can contact me anytime if you have any further questions. I'd be happy to help you :)
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Vivek Yadav (Author and Admin)

Vivek Yadav Blogger

Hi!, I'm Vivek Yadav, creator and author of Hackw0rm.net, I'm a full-time Blogger since a 2015 and has gained lot of experience with SEO and Affiliate Marketing. I'm also a penetration tester and that's the reason I started Hackw0rm blog to help people online by sharing my knowledge. I have also worked in a penetration testing firm as a Security Researcher which gave me enormous experience to share on this blog.

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