Jun 8, 2013

How to create Pentesting Lab in Kali Linux

Kali Linux is an advance penetration testing OS developed especially for hackers and security experts. It comes with hundreds of  pentesting and forensic tools but to use all tools and features one must learn it by using it and that is why I always recommend my readers to create a penetration testing lab and learn to hack it ethically.

Penetration Testing Lab in Kali Linux

If you ever wanted to learn hacking without committing crime then penetration testing lab is the best method and creating pentesting lab in Kali Linux is just amazing.
Required Softwares

Install Kali Linux on Virtual Machine

First of all make sure you install Kali on virtual machine. I'm using VMware and If you don't know How to do, then I suggest you to go through below video tutorial demonstrating how to install Kali Linux on virtual machine.

Install OWASP BWA (Virtual Pentesting App)

OWASP BWA (Broke Web Application) is vulnerable pentesting app developed by OWASP for hackers and security experts. It is consist of various vulnerable applications such as DVWA, Mutillidae, Ghost etc... It is essential that you download and install OWASP-BWA
BWA is the target machine, Kali Linux is hacker's machine.

Access Pentesting lab in Kali Linux

Finally you've successfully created pentesting lab in your Kali Linux, now its time to access it on Kali VM and get started. All you need to do is enter OWASP BWA's IP address in Kali's browser.

You can also access it on your Windows OS or any other computer in LAN connection. That's exactly your penetration testing lab. If you're still not able to create it then watch above video.

Final Conclusion

By now you might have realized that this pentesting isn't exactly installed in Kali Linux but in your primary OS using VM. If you want you can install it in Kali but for that you'll need to install Kali Linux separately in your hard disk.

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